Welcome to Gwen Heeney's website

I am a Public Artist, passionate about brick.I travel the world, usually to work and develop ideas at symposiums and workshops working mainly with brick as a creative medium. My main artworks are site-specific, large scale and carved brick, often figurative. Over the past few years I have worked on commissions in the USA at the Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts, Montana, The Museum of Contemporary Ceramics, Icheon, Korea, the University of Costa Rica, Fuping, China, and this year a sited artwork for the Municipality of Eskishire, Turkey. I am also author of the book Brickworks, an indepth investigation into the use of brick as an artistic medium, looking at a group of international artists. I also work as a senior lecturer in the ceramics department of the University of Wolverhampton where I teach part-time. Many of the students I teach have gone on to work with brick themselves. I work with many of the brick companies in the UK and also internationally.